Online learning is quickly replacing traditional learning.  This makes it possible for people who may not have the time to study full time to learn everything they would be able to learn on campus.

Online learning truly democratizes education.  Because of the internet and the advances that have been made in communications using it, there are so many options available to students who are interested in learning online. Subscribe to our mailings and learn information about specific programs that are available, and learn more about these interesting topics.

  • Online learning is quickly changing education as we know it.  Several years from now, it is likely that the university and its campus will be a relics of the past.  The internet gives us the ability to learn the skills we need, at this moment.  There is no longer a need to spend excess time traveling and taking courses that aren’t really necessary.  Online learning effectively streamlines the educational process.
  • The online learning environment is similar in many ways and different in others to more traditional learning environments.  Instructor led programs are quite similar to traditional courses with deadlines, a professor who will assign work and correct assignments, grades at the end of a term, and certificates or degrees at the end of a program.  Self-paced programs allow students to work independently and learn the skills they need at their own pace.
  • Online learning has many advantages over traditional learning, but there are some disadvantages as well.  Make sure you are able to work independently before signing up to an online program or training site.
  • Online degrees are widely available from some of the top universities in the world.
  • Some of the greatest universities around the world even provide their course materials for free through the open courseware initiative that was pioneered by MIT.  MOOCs, or massive open online courses pick up where the open courseware initiative leaves off by providing real university courses online from these top-notch universities for free.
  • Online computer training is widely available through free sources and through self-paced internet training centers.  Students can learn any imaginable software package or any programming language independently, at their own pace, and for a very reasonable price.
  • Free resources are available that can provide quality instruction to students who may not be able to afford a degree or to sign up for a paid training center.

Online learning is truly revolutionary and if it is understood and used correctly, it can provide students with all the tools they need to learn whatever they need to learn to succeed.  Whether you are looking to earn a four year college degree, a master’s, or a PhD, online learning deserves a careful look.  And it doesn’t end there.  If you need to learn final cut pro to edit that great video you just shot, there is no need to sign up for a course at the local trade school, and there is no need to pay someone to do the video editing for you.  The internet and its learning sites will provide you with all the skills you need to know to operate the most basic and the most complex software packages out there.  Given enough time, some online learning can turn just about anyone from a novice to an accomplished expert.  All it takes is a computer, an internet connection, some time and dedication.